Listen, this is an obligation for additional gross income reduction

A corporate taxpayer who wishes to obtain additional gross income reduction from research and development (R&D) activities must fulfill several obligations first. The provisions regarding these obligations are regulated in the Minister of Finance Regulation No. 153/PMK.010/2020 concerning Provision of Gross Income Reductions for Certain Research and Development in Indonesia ( PMK 153/2020 ). Initially, to take advantage … Read more

4 Forms of Tax Allowance Facility, What are they?

INVESTMENT is one of the keys to accelerating and increasing development. In addition, investment also plays a role in accelerating the national economy. In the previous description, the terms and criteria for corporate taxpayers to obtain tax allowance facilities have been explained. This article describes the forms of tax allowance facilities that apply in Indonesia. In general, provisions regarding tax allowances are … Read more

Here are the Terms and Criteria for Obtaining Tax Allowance

Tax allowance incentives are given to increase investment and economic growth as well as equitable development through acceleration in certain business fields/regions. To take advantage of this facility, corporate taxpayers must meet certain conditions and criteria that have been set. The terms and criteria for obtaining a tax allowance are regulated in Government Regulation no. 78 of 2019 concerning Income … Read more

Here’s How to Apply for Tax Allowance Through OSS

MANDATORY for corporate tax who wish to obtain a tax allowance must apply in advance through the channels provided by the government. The main application for tax allowance is submitted online (online) through the online single submission (OSS) system. However, if the OSS is not yet available, the submission of a tax allowance application can be made offline. In this article, we will describe the … Read more

The History of Final Income Tax Regulations in Indonesia

ALONG with the changes to the Income Tax Law (PPh) in Indonesia which have occurred 6 times since 1983 until now, the provisions for final income tax also continue to develop. Changes to regulations regarding final income tax were made to align policies with economic developments and tax administration. The development of the final PPh arrangement … Read more

Here’s How to Apply for Tax Allowance Offline

APPLICATIONS for the tax allowance facility are submitted online through the Online Single Submission (OSS) system. However, in certain situations, applications for submitting tax allowances can also be submitted offline. The procedure for applying for a tax allowance offline is regulated in Government Regulation no. 78 of 2019 concerning Income Tax Facilities for Investment in Certain Business Fields and/or in Certain Regions ( PP 78/2019 ) … Read more

Tax on Interest on Deposits, Bonds and Cooperative Deposits

TODAY, the investment and savings instruments offered to the public are increasingly diverse. The public can find instruments in the form of savings, time deposits, bonds, discounted Bank Indonesia Certificates (SBI), and cooperative deposits with attractive yields or interest. From the taxation aspect, income in the form of interest or yields from savings deposit instruments, bonds, … Read more